West Coast Eye Institute includes an optimal shop within our state-of-the-art ophthalmology center in Bakersfield, CA. Our optical center has a wide range of fashionable and functional eyeglasses and frames. You now have the convenience of exploring your eyeglasses immediately after your eye exam. Our optical staff can also customize the lenses and eyeglasses according to your specific preferences and help you select the right glasses.

A curated selection of designer eyeglasses

The right eyeglasses can transform your appearance, making you look more attractive and confident. It can also improve your vision and overall quality of life. Meanwhile, an incorrect or outdated prescription can gradually weaken your eyesight and add unnecessary stress. Our optical center includes a curated selection of eyeglasses from the leading designers in the US and Europe. Our trained opticians help you select the ideal designer eyeglasses according to your facial structure and preferences.

Exceptional lens choices
for your specific needs

While selecting eyeglasses, you must go beyond the prescription and also select the correct lens type and treatment. Your optometrist will highlight the specific types of lenses necessary to address your vision problems. Common lens types include high index, multifocal, progressive addition, anti-reflective, polarized lenses, polycarbonate, and Transitions. Our optical specialists will discuss the unique advantages of each lens style to help you make the correct decision.

woman wearing glasses
woman wearing glasses

Find eyeglasses with the perfect fit

Eyeglasses that keep slipping or sliding down your nose can be really annoying. And the same is true for the opposite — eyeglasses that pinch your nose bridge and leave deep imprints. Our optical specialists select the ideal frame size for your facial structure. They also adjust the frames according to your unique needs to ensure the fit is just right — neither too tight nor too loose. We customize the eyeglasses to ensure they fit you like a glove.

We participate in the following vision plans:

  • Davis Vision
  • VSP
  • Spectra
  • Metro Plus

Our optical center accepts the aforementioned vision plans to help you achieve affordable eye care. Depending on your unique eyeglasses, frames, and prescription, your vision plan may cover the full or partial cost of your glasses. Please contact our state-of-the-art optical center in Bakersfield to discuss your eyeglass preferences, pricing, and determine if you’re eligible for coverage.

Find the ideal eyeglasses in Bakersfield, CA

West Coast Eye Institute is a state-of-the-art ophthalmology center in Bakersfield, CA, with an integrated optical center. We use cutting-edge technologies to perform comprehensive eye exams and identify your vision problems at the earliest stages. After receiving your prescription, you can select the ideal eyeglasses or contact lenses for your prescription and aesthetic sensibilities from our optical center, where you’ll find assistance from our highly-trained optical staff.