Cataract surgery involves replacing the clouded eye lenses with artificial intraocular lens implants. The intraocular lens restores the patient’s vision, allowing them to see clearly again. However, you have numerous intraocular lens options, each promising slightly different results. The West Coast Eye Institute provides premium lens implants that restore optimal vision, allowing you to see near, intermediate, and far objects without glasses.

What are premium lens implants?

Cataracts are cloudy protein formations on lenses that make your vision seem hazy, blurry, and yellow-tinged. They can appear for numerous reasons, but they eventually progress until you can’t perform daily activities. Cataract surgery involves removing cataracts and replacing the natural lens with artificial intraocular lens implants to restore your vision.

Traditional lens implants restore vision with farsightedness or nearsightedness, so you still have to wear eyeglasses. However, premium lens implants have a dual-functioning ability, allowing you to see objects close to your field of vision and far from your field of vision. As such, premium lens implants eliminate the need for external eyeglasses after cataract surgery.

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Premium lens implants vs. standard lenses

Standard lens implants restore your vision with myopia or hyperopia. You might see objects close to your vision clearly, but you’ll need lenses while driving. Alternatively, you might see far-away objects clearly, but you’ll need lenses while reading. As such, standard lens implants lead to a lifelong dependence on eyeglasses or corrective lenses.

Premium lenses are built with dual-functioning abilities. They allow you to focus on objects up close and also objects that are far away from you. This liberates you from a lifetime of eyeglasses and corrective lenses. Besides being convenient and restoring optimal vision, you also save money in the long run.

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AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal: the broadest range of vision in one lens

AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal is the world’s first and only FDA-approved trifocal lens implant. This lens implant significantly reduces your need for glasses after cataract surgery, allowing you to see your phone, computer, books, and other objects without glasses. It offers the broadest range of vision possible in one lens.

The PanOptix Trifocal lens is made with the ENLIGHTEN® Optical Technology to optimize your intermediate vision without affecting your ability to see near or far away objects. The PanOptix lens also helps patients with astigmatism, i.e., those with corneal irregularities that lead to generally distorted vision, regardless of distance.

Studies show that over 99% of the patients with a PanOptix lens would choose the same again.

Explore your intraocular lens implant options in Bakersfield

West Coast Eye Institute is a state-of-the-art ophthalmology practice in Bakersfield. We understand that no two eyes are the same, so we completely avoid cookie-cutter medical care for cataract surgery and intraocular lens implants. We recommend the ideal lens implant options based on your eyes, goals, and lifestyle. Please schedule an appointment to explore your intraocular lens implant options in Bakersfield, CA.