COVID-19 Guidelines

Revised 11/17/2022

This is a unique time for many of us and the effects of COVID-19 is something that likely will linger for some time. Our goal as a medical office is to always provide quality care in a healthy and safe environment for our patients and staff. Our medical doctors, and team, don’t take this challenge lightly. With this in mind, we want to keep our patients educated and informed as we maintain the highest standards recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Additionally, we can’t express enough of a thank to our patients during this difficult time in your efforts to help keep our community healthy and safe.

For more information about general COVID-19 questions or our office’s protocols, please free feel to call us at 661-393-2331.

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Our Clinic's Procedures & Protocols

Our office has a number of new protocols in place in order to address the health concerns of COVID-19. For many of our patients that have been through our building before, this might be a strange feeling but we are glad to make sure we work hard to keep everyone healthy.

1. We ask all patients to reschedule their appointments if they have a cough or fever (100.4) or if there have been in direct contact with someone to have a known COVID-19 positive test in the last 14 days.

2. We ask all new patients to take a minute prior to their visit to download and fill out the forms on the For Patients page.

3. If possible we encourage patient to wear a mask.

4. We ask that our restroom be used only by patients.

5. We ask if possible to have any guest that drove the patient to wait in the car. If a patient needs a guest, we will limit the number of people in a room to 4 — 1 patient, 1 technician, 1 doctors, and 1 guest. Our doctors will happily include any guest on the phone or through Zoom, if needed.

6. Our staff will hand sanitizer and/or wash hands between every patient interaction.

7. Not all staff members will wear a mask unless their are interacting closer with a patients. This is in an effort to keep the supplies in Bakersfield available for all the amazing doctors and hospitals that need them.

8. At the end each visit, we will minimize your exposure by minimizing your time at the check-out counter.

Effective January of 2023, we will not require our staff to wear masks while here in the clinic. We continue to update our staff on any state mandates and are aware that our protocols are subject to change at any time.